Sep 032014

soniasandie.jpgIn ‘Panty Slave Mounted’ Lady Sonia invites over her friend Sandie to try out her ‘panty slave’. When Sandie walks in to the studio she finds the guy is bound and gagged on the bed.

Sandie gets to work immediately, sucking, wanking and playing with the tip of his long cock until he is fully erect. Then she undresses down to her stockings and suspenders, carefully placing her skirt and folded top onto his chest.

Sandie is ready for a good fuck and sits astride the bound slave in her stockings and garter belt. He lays there submissively as she squats over him, her stocking legs wide open as she balances on her toes and rides up and down on his pole like cock.

Lady Sonia tells the male slave in a stern voice that she does not want to see him have any ‘unhappy accidents’, meaning he must not cum while her friend is using his cock for her own selfish pleasure.

The guy has to lie there trying not to cum, while Sandie fucks him in her stockings, bouncing up and down on his stiff cock until she comes, very loudly!

After Sandie has used the slave as a sexual plaything and achieved her orgasm, she and Lady Sonia masturbate the slaves’ cock together, using their hands to finish him off!

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