Sep 162017

Watch Lady Sonia riding this studs huge erection and getting her tits covered in cum in ‘Fucking My Husband’s Friend’

Lady Sonia’s husband Charles is often way on business or playing golf, which gives her ample opportunity to cheat on her husband!

Her husband recently brought over a handsome new colleague to their dinner party for company members. The guy looked to be in his early thirties, dressed smartly, well built and virile, so she naturally she got his number before he left the party.

The other day, while Charles was down on the golf course, she invited the handsome stud over to the mansion for an afternoon of hot sex.

Sonia always found wearing stockings on these occasions very arousing, as well as practical, as she loved to wrap her legs around a guy while he thrust his member deep inside her hot cunt. So for the occasion she wore a light blouse, multi-strap, garter-belt with metal clasps attached to black, fully-fashioned nylon stockings, and sexy stiletto heels.

Sonia sat astride her naked stud in her nylons, opened her blouse and dangled her huge tits in his face and his teeth and lips bit on her hard nipples. She slurped on his huge erection, making liquid sounds as she rolled the meaty cockhead around her wet mouth.  She brushed the tip of his stiff cock over her erect nipples, and sandwiched his erection between her cleavage, feeling the shaft pulsing as he fucked the flesh of her ample breasts.

Sonia got on her knees and the stud fucked her from behind, making her gasp with pleasure as his throbbing cock filled her cunt. She finished by laying down and watching him wank his cock and ejaculate his delicious cum load onto her fabulous boobs and hard nipples.

Watch Lady Sonia riding this studs huge erection and getting her tits covered in cum in ‘Fucking My Husband’s Friend’

Sep 132017

Lady Sonia is bound with rope in her corselette and stockings, then made the sexual plaything of a handsome guy she has invited to her house in.

Lady Sonia’s husband Charles was away on business in Singapore for a few days, so Lady Sonia invited a young handsome stud to call round for some kinky fun.

The guy had written to Lady Sonia as he was desperate to have his first ever fun with an older married lady. She called him on the phone on the off chance and fortunately he was available to come and meet her that afternoon.

Lady Sonia discovers that the guy likes a bit of kinky sex and finds herself tied to the bed with rope and handcuffs, while the young man runs his hands over her body and plays with her tits. Then, trussed up tightly with rope, her hands bound behind her back, she is made to suck his cock and alows her mouth to be used for his pleasure.

After being released, he takes Lady Sonia from behind and gives her a rough fucking, making her orgasm hard with the intense pleasure of his thrusting cock.

To finish off, Lady Sonia sandwiches his cock between her fleshy mounds and he fucks her tits until he shoots his thick cum onto her chin, neck and chest, which she then rubs over her bullet hard nipples.

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Sep 102017
Lady Sonia Wanks Off A Young Guy and Lets Him Cum Over Her Tits

Lady Sonia sucks and wanks off one of her members and lets him shoot his cum all over her big tits in this video – ‘Another New First Time Guy Visits While My Husband Is Away In London’

Her Ladyship advertised for members of her site to come forward if they wanted to be in a Lady Sonia Video. Naturally, there was a rigorous selection process, as not everyone who thinks they can perform in front of a camera with her Ladyship can actually manage it in reality.

Those that did survive the tests were invited to have sex with Sonia and the results have been some superb videos this year.

A few weeks ago her Ladyship invited a young and virile Lady Sonia member who had written her a respectful letter, asking if he could join her for some sexy fun at her place.

The guy had written that he was, ‘desperate to be teased and then have his balls milked dry by an experienced older lady’.

Lady Sonia was only too pleased to grant him his wish, and to make his experience even more exciting she dressed for the occasion in garter-belt and fully-fashioned nylon stockings.

The guy stripped naked and lay down on the special masturbation table and she leaned over to take his cock in her mouth. Sonia teased, wanked and sucked the young mans prick, talking dirty to him while she played with his cock and balls.

After much teasing her Ladyship finally gave him the relief he sought, massaging his cock between the oily cleavage of her big tits and getting him shoot thick wads of sperm all over her busty chest.

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Sep 072017

In ‘Unfaithful Wife Afternoon Ride’, Lady Sonia is in desperate need for cock and has arranged for one of her studs to join her for an afternoon of sexy fun. There’s no messing about when her Ladyship requires sex, and she immediately goes down on her naked stud, sandwiching his erection between her breasts and giving him a titty wank.

Having slipped out of her pleated skirt, she sits astride her gentleman friend’s thighs and lowers herself onto his erect penis. Sonia feels the length of his huge erection stuffing her cunt as she bounces up and down, causing the straps of her suspender garterbelt to tug the tops of her stockings as she moves.

Turning the other way so she has her back to him, she sits astride the studs thighs with her legs open wide, giving a clear view of his cock plunging into her pussy as she is being fucked. Sonia’s tits swell and spill out of the stretch top she is wearing, her nipples hard with excitement as she leans back and rides his stiff cock thrusting and penetrating her cunt.

Sonia finishes off by jerking the studs cock until she has milked it of some very thick white cum, and wipes the spunky cockhead over her tits and erect nipples. Taking her discarded black panties she mops up the cum from her titties then says, ‘Maybe I’ll let my husband masturbate with these tonight’.

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Sep 042017

Lady Sonia has summoned you to her Fetish Office and is sitting behind her glass topped desk with her stockinged legs open. She is dressed in a smart business suit jacket, below which she is wearing expensive suspender garter belt and fully-fashioned nylon stockings.

Her Ladyship can feel her nipples getting hard with excitement as she sits behind her desk. She rubs her clitoris with one hand and plays with her pussy in anticipation of your imminent arrival.

She will sit you down then let you watch as she fingers her pussy under her desk. Then she will lift and push her legs against her chest so her naked ass is fully on display. Pulling her pussy lips open wide, she will tell you to get down on your knees so you can get a good look at her cunt and seamed nylon stockings.

Lady Sonia expects you to get fully erect as she will want to see you stroking your cock in appreciation of her lascivious display. If she approves of your jerk off performance she may let you cum over her stockings, so make sure you have not been wanking beforehand. Sonia will expect you to produce a lot of cum and shoot it in thick jets over her silky soft nylon hosiery.

So don’t be late. You wouldn’t want to miss the special treatment she has lined up just for you!

Make an executive appointment with Lady Sonia in her Fetish Office today

Sep 012017

In the ‘The Cuckoldrix and The Builder’ Lady Sonia has bought a derelict mansion and has arranged a meeting with the builder to discuss the renovation project.

Sonia never misses an opportunity to fuck a fit, well built guy whenever she has the chance and she arrives in her car, looking stunning in a kind of 70’s retro-chic way in a long fur coat, wearing nothing underneath but lingerie and nylons. Clearly, she has every intention of making an impression on the builder.

Before you know it, the builder’s jeans are down and Sonia has his todger in her mouth, giving him the Lady Sonia oral treatment as he stands against the wall. Sonia leans forward as she sucks his huge cock, her coat falling open exposing her lingerie and stockings. “Oh, God that’s good’, she exclaims between mouthfuls, then wickedly licks his pee hole with hot flickers of her tongue.

Sonia then perches one heeled foot in a hole in the wall up by the bricked up fireplace, and sticks her ass out so the builder can access her cunt. The builder stands with his pants around his thighs and fucks her hard from behind with upward thrusts, giving her ladyship the fucking she needs.

Then they take it outside and fuck on the stone steps, Sonia squatting on his cock and riding it until the shaft is buried deep in her cunt up to his balls. She bounces enthusiastically on his prick in her basque and stockings, her wet cunt slapping against his groin as she enjoys her glorious outdoor fuck.

Sonia changes position, and turns around to face him for another fucking ride. He grabs her arse with his rough hands, and pulling the cheeks apart he vigorously slams his meat up her hole. ‘Oh, don’t stop’ exclaims Sonia as she feels his thick meat penetrate her cunt, making her titties bounce in time with every thrust of hips and groin.

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Aug 292017
Vicky Peach Fucked By Fucking Machine ‘Mr Unmerciful’

Watch Vicky Peach Get Fucked By Fucking Machine ‘Mr Unmerciful’ in this video at Lady Sonia

‘Mr Unmerciful’ is built only for one purpose… To fuck a lady relentlessly with speed, power and a unique thrusting action which is guaranteed to make ANY lady scream! Vicky Peach wanted to try out ‘Mr Unmerciful’ for herself when she visited Lady Sonia’s mansion and made this video…

Vicky stripped off her top and tight denim jeans, put on a black garter belt, and rolled on a pair of barely black, fully-fashioned nylon stockings.

She prepared herself by lubing up one of Lady Sonia’s largest floppy latex dildos, and spreading her legs wide open, inserted the fat cock-like object up her shaven cunt.

Vicky joyously plunged the latex cock up her wet hole and rubbed her clitty with her other hand, causing her to draw in sharp breaths as she masturbated. She squealed delightfully as she stuffed her cunt with the latex cock dong, enthusiastically thrusting it up herself until she reached her first orgasm.

Vicky attached another large dildo to Lady Sonia’s fucking machine ‘Mr Unmerciful’, and lay back with her stocking legs open and in front of the machine.

Vicky moaned with increasing pleasure as ‘Mr Unmerciful’ thrust unrelentingly into her hot cunt, forcing her to shudder as she climaxed in an intense orgasm. Flushed with pleasure, she lay back and lifted her stockinged legs to allow the machine to penetrate her intimate parts even deeper. She vigorously rubbed and slapped her throbbing clitoris as the relentless cock machine fucked her hungry pussy, forcing her to experience wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

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Aug 202017

In ‘Wait Outside With My Husband’, Lady Sonia has called a meeting but firmly tells her employees to wait outside with her husband and that she will call them in when she’s ready.

Sonia puts on an explicit private show for us, having climbed on her desk she kneels in her nylons and with her magnificent arse fully exposed, she opens her cunt flaps with her fingers so we get a good view.

Next we see Sonia the secretary boss, wanking the cock of her handsome employee. His cock is fully erect and poking out of his trouser fly as Sonia wanks his cock seductively, tugging his foreskin back from the end of his knob. She even rubs her diamond wedding ring over the crown of his cockhead, which is both symbolic of her unfaithfulness to her husband and stimulating to the cock in hand.

Sonia then sucks her colleague off as he lies back on the desk and he feels up her ass and suspenders, rubbing his fingers over the tight black material of her knicker crotch. Then she lays back on the desk with her feet up, stockinged legs and suspenders nicely on display. She puts her head back so he can feed his cock into her mouth, where she licks his knob end from the underside. Her colleague has a great view of her stocking tops and metal garter claps as he fucks Sonia’s mouth, and he gasps with pleasure as he rubs her tits through the fabric of her white blouse.

Next, Sonia stands in her stockings and heels as she leans over the desk, and the half naked guy fucks her from behind. He grabs her suspender clad ass, slaps it and fucks her hard, which is what Sonia really enjoys. Leaning forward, her tits spill out of her open blouse and jiggle around as he pounds her pussy from behind. Standing firmly in her seamed nylons and heels, she braces herself against him and receives his thrusting cock up her cunt, gasping with the intensity of their fucking.

They change position, and her colleague fucks her face to face as she sits on the desk with her legs up. Clasping his hands firmly around the top of her stockinged thighs for leverage, he vigorously pounds into Sonia, thrusting his cock deep and hard into her quim and making her shudder with orgasmic pleasure.

Changing position again, Sonia lies on her side with her knees up on the desk and her ass perched slightly over the side, giving her colleague amazing access to fuck her cunt from behind. He grabs her ass again and thrusts his meat up her tight twat, his cock slipping easily in and out of her well lubricated sex hole. Sonia is clearly enjoying every moment of this delicious fuck.

Sonia lays back on the desk as her colleague wanks his cock and he shoots jets of hot sperm into Sonia’s waiting mouth and cover her chin. Sonia licks the underside of his spunky knob end and rubs his balls, both of them thoroughly satisfied and satiated by their act of pure lust.


Lady Sonia In Stockings Seduces Horny Guy In – ‘The Young Electrician’

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Aug 172017

Horny MILF Lady Sonia dressed in silk robe and stockings, seduces a young electrician and gives him a tit wank in this hot video

Lady Sonia’s husband Charles arranged for the electrician to call round to survey the mansion for some new socket wiring, but it was his 19 year old apprentice that called one morning while Sonia was at home.

Sonia opened the door to greet the young man, still attired in her silk robe, stockings and heels, and let him inside.

Sonia guided him to the parts of the house that required the extra plug sockets, and her silk robe slipped open and revealed her naked breasts. Of course, this was a deliberate tactic by Sonia, as she had taken quite a fancy to the horny young man, and obviously wanted to get into his pants.

Sonia made sure he got the message, giving lots of views of her stockinged legs, and making suggestive remarks while they talked in the kitchen.

Sonia particularly wanted to know if he had any other workmates that would come round to help with her sockets, and if her kitchen top would take the weight of their tools?

Demonstrating to Sonia just how much weight her kitchen top could take, the apprentice electrician climbed onto it, and she couldn’t help but notice the bulge in the front of his trousers.

Offering to relieve the tightness around his bulge, Sonia undid his fly, pulled down his trousers and started rubbing the outline of his stiff penis through the material of his underwear.

Being an expert at taking young men in hand, Sonia pulled down his underwear, and began wanking his youthful erect cock. She sandwiched his prick between her breasts, giving him a titty wank which almost made him cum, such was his excitement at being handled by such an attractive lady.

He was full of compliments about her Ladyship as she rubbed the end of his cockhead, sticky with pre-cum, over the storks of her hard nipples.

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Aug 142017

Lady Sonia And Mistress Red masturbate together in their nylon stockings in this classic video – ‘Double Machine Fuck’ which is available to watch or download from Lady Sonia’s vintage movie collection

Lady Sonia has produced a fine video ‘Double Machine Fuck’, which sees her Ladyship and Red together enjoying each other’s company and taking their pleasure from two fucking machines.

What a lewd display of lascivious behaviour these two sexed-up matures enjoy, as they are simultaneously fucked in their fully-fashioned stockings by these machine powered dildos.

No men here, no strings attached or complicated emotions. Just the thrill and pleasure of pure lust, watching these two wanton ladies get their cunts filled and drilled by their splendid fucking machines.

How they love getting their thirsty cunts fucked by these thrusting cock machines, filling and stretching their holes and making them climax intensely in this classic Lady Sonia movie.

Watch Lady Sonia and Red taking their pleasure in ‘Double Machine Fuck’ and experience double the noise, double the excitement and double the fun in FULL close-up action!