Dec 172014

In ‘Trophy Wife Used Hard And Sprayed With Cum,  Sonia begins by telling us, ‘Most married ladies enjoy a little rough sex occasionally. Something a little out of the ordinary, something they can’t get at home.’

Sonia’s need for a damn good fucking was urgent – she required a guy who would penetrate her deeply with his long prick, then fuck her relentlessly with it and use her any way that he wanted. So she arranged to meet up with one of her regular muscular studs for an evening of dirty sex.

She dressed for the occasion in a seductive black halter top, finest ff-nylons, multi-strap garters and 6 inch stiletto heels. Her muscular stud wore a rubber hood that looked sinister, and latex briefs with a hole in the front, through which his throbbing member stuck out proud and erect.

Sonia took pleasure in giving him oral, enjoying every inch of his man meat, before they moved to the leather couch where he started fucking her hard. With his hands wrapped around her pvc garter belt he grabbed her waist, slamming his prick into Sonia, making her moan and gasp under the forceful motion of his groin. Her tits bounced inside her halter top as he rode her hard and gave Sonia the kind of rough fucking she needed, which ended with her face being wanked over and splattered with his thick, white cum.

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Dec 102014

Lady Sonia’s husband Charles likes to see Sonia playing with other guys and watching them satisfy her craving for cock. Being a ‘golf widow’ gives Sonia ample opportunity to cheat on her husband, and then show him later how she spent her afternoon being entertained by a gentleman friend with a big cock! So one afternoon while Charles was down the golf course she invited one of her studs over to make a video for him to watch later.

Sonia always dresses to tease for her assignations, and on this occasion she wore a tight white blouse, black ff-nylon stockings, multi-strap, garter-belt with metal clasps and spike heeled shoes. She always found wearing stockings on these occasions is not only very sexy, but practical, in that it allows freedom of access during intercourse.

In ‘Letting My Husband Watch Me Cum’ Sonia sits astride her naked stud in her nylons, and opening her blouse she dangles her huge tits in his face so he can bite and nibble on her hard nipples.

She slurps on his big cock and makes liquid sounds with her mouth as she rolls that meaty cockhead around her mouth. Then combining both actions, Sonia brushes his stiff erection over her hard nipples, and sandwiches it in the gap of her cleavage to wank it off with her titties.

Sonia then gets on all fours and lets her stud fuck her from behind and make her cry out as she feels his cock stuffing her cunt. Then laying down she finishes him off by wanking his cock and milking it so the cum spills into her spunk hungry mouth and covers her face, as seen in ‘Letting My Husband Watch Me Cum’.

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Dec 032014

Lady Sonia gets India to try out her ‘fucking machine’ and help her achieve multiple orgasms in  ‘Shy Housewife Used Hard’.

Dressed in seamed nylon stockings, suspender belt and heels, India masturbates with a dildo, while Lady Sonia applies a vibrator to her clitoris, causing her to climax.

Then, lying on her side India allows the fucking machine to penetrate her pussy. Sonia turns up the control to increase the rhythm of the machine, and India’s body shakes as the machine brings her to several more orgasms.

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Nov 262014

In this spanking movie ‘Sasha – For Your Pleasure’, Lady Sonia’s personal assistant Sasha takes her punishment from her Ladyship. Seeing Sasha poised on all fours in her stockings and garters, then take a beating on her lovely round, suspender clad ass is very nice indeed.

Sasha waits submissively on hands and knees positioned upon the coffee table, with her legs in seamed nylons attached to garter straps that stretch over her ample buttocks and tug at the tops of her stockings. It’s a marvelous view of Sasha’s magnificent arse as Sonia punishes her with the riding crop, then brushes her soothing hand over those chastened cheeks.

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Nov 192014

Lady Sonia gets tied up in ‘Trophy Wife Tied And Used’

Lady Sonia is bound with rope in her corselette and stockings, then made the sexual plaything of a handsome guy she has invited to her house in.

Lady Sonia’s husband Charles was away on business in Singapore for a few days, so Lady Sonia invited a young handsome stud to call round for some kinky fun.

The guy had written to Lady Sonia as he was desperate to have his first ever fun with an older married lady. She called him on the phone on the off chance and fortunately he was available to come and meet her that afternoon.

Lady Sonia discovers that the guy likes a bit of kinky sex and finds herself tied to the bed with rope and handcuffs, while the young man runs his hands over her body and plays with her tits. Then, trussed up tightly with rope, her hands bound behind her back, she is made to suck his cock and alows her mouth to be used for his pleasure.

After being released, he takes Lady Sonia from behind and gives her a rough fucking, making her orgasm hard with the intense pleasure of his thrusting cock.

To finish off, Lady Sonia sandwiches his cock between her fleshy mounds and he fucks her tits until he shoots his thick cum onto her chin, neck and chest, which she then rubs over her bullet hard nipples.

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Nov 122014

Lady Sonia masturbates one of her members with her tits in ‘Lady Sonia Member Cums Hard’.

Some months ago her Ladyship advertised on her site for members, male and female, who wanted to be in a Lady Sonia Video to come forward. Naturally, there was a rigorous selection process, as not everyone who thinks they can perform in front of a camera with her Ladyship can actually manage it in reality.

Those that did survive the tests were invited to have sex with her Ladyship and the results have been some superb videos this year.

A few weeks ago her Ladyship invited a young, eighteen year old Lady Sonia member who had written her a respectful letter, to join her for some sexy fun at her place.

Apparently the lad had wrote that he was, ‘desperate to be teased and then have his balls milked dry by an experienced older lady’.

Lady Sonia was only too pleased to grant him his wish and to make his experience more exciting she dressed for the occasion in seamed fully-fashioned nylons.

Sonia teased, wanked and sucked the young mans prick as he was made to lie still, talking dirty to him while she played with his cock and balls. Then her Ladyship finally gave him the relief he sought and massaged his cock between the oily cleavage of her big tits, making him shoot thick wads of sperm all over her busty chest.

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Nov 052014

Lady Sonia gets a good screwing in ‘Unfaithful Wife in Gold Heels’, where we find her once again, cheating on her husband Charles.

Dressed in nude seamed nylons, multi-strap garter-belt and gold heels, Sonia asks, ‘What does a married lady do if her husband only has a small cock?….She goes somewhere else for her fun, of course.’

Next she’s kneeling at the glory hole before an erect cock that pokes through the wall. She grasps the cock in her hand, playfully stroking, admiring and discussing it.

Take this guy for instance’, she says. ‘Look at the size of his cock’, she tells us wanking the shaft. ‘Look how thick it is, I can only just get my hand around it.’ Sonia then gives a reassuring little smile as she says, ‘Now that’s what real ladies like.’

Sonia goes on to suck this guy’s penis at leisure, enjoying the moment, whirling her tongue around the cockhead and then poking her tongue down the slit of his peehole, she’s such a tease.

Sonia then has her man laying down while she sits astride his thighs with her back to him, and starts riding his cock. Sonia’s white garter straps tug at the tops of her seamed stockings as she bounces on his prick, commenting at how thick his girth feels inside her. Then he does her doggie style, slapping Sonia’s ass as he pumps her cunt from behind. Sonia gasps, ‘He’s reaching parts of me that my husband has never been!’

Sonia’s cocksman thrusts into her with his erect penis, giving her the satisfaction she has been looking for, and then she turns and says, ‘If my husband wasn’t so small, I’m sure he would notice how stretched I am now.’

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Oct 292014

In ‘Unfaithful Wife Afternoon Ride’, Lady Sonia is in desperate need for cock and has arranged for one of her studs to join her for an afternoon of sexy fun. There’s no messing about when her Ladyship requires sex, and she immediately goes down on her naked stud, sandwiching his erection between her breasts and giving him a titty wank.

Having slipped out of her pleated skirt, she sits astride her gentleman friend’s thighs and lowers herself onto his erect penis. Sonia feels the length of his huge erection stuffing her cunt as she bounces up and down, causing the straps of her suspender garterbelt to tug the tops of her stockings as she moves.

Turning the other way so she has her back to him, she sits astride the studs thighs with her legs open wide, giving a clear view of his cock plunging into her pussy as she is being fucked. Sonia’s tits swell and spill out of the stretch top she is wearing, her nipples hard with excitement as she leans back and rides his stiff cock thrusting and penetrating her cunt.

Sonia finishes off by jerking the studs cock until she has milked it of some very thick white cum, and wipes the spunky cockhead over her tits and erect nipples. Taking her discarded black panties she mops up the cum from her titties then says, ‘Maybe I’ll let my husband masturbate with these tonight’.

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Oct 222014


Lady Sonia’s lucky builder is back in ‘Red, Sonia & the Builder’, only this time he has two very sexy ladies to play with.

Cunt licking, cock sucking and wanking is the main action, as the threesome play together on the couch in this 27 minute sex movie.

Full figured Mistress Red is looks especially sexy in her seamed, fully-fashioned nylons, lying with her legs open, knees folded back and her heels in the air, getting her cunt licked by this expert cunt licker.

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Oct 152014

In ‘Trophy Wife Used Hard’, Lady Sonia gets a real hard fucking from a latex masked stud. Dressed in satin black blouse, short plaid skirt, black stockings, suspenders, and knee-high heeled boots, Sonia takes a real hard pounding as this naked stud uses her for his sexual gratification.

We’ve seen Sonia fucked hard before, but not quite like the fucking she gets from this masked stranger, who gives Sonia a real proper fucking from behind, with her skirt up around her waist, while his hands slap and grab her suspender clad ass as she rides his prick.

Lady Sonia certainly gets a rough handling in this one and she thoroughly enjoys it! Click here to see a trailer for Trophy Wife Used Hard’.