Aug 142017

Lady Sonia And Mistress Red masturbate together in their nylon stockings in this classic video – ‘Double Machine Fuck’ which is available to watch or download from Lady Sonia’s vintage movie collection

Lady Sonia has produced a fine video ‘Double Machine Fuck’, which sees her Ladyship and Red together enjoying each other’s company and taking their pleasure from two fucking machines.

What a lewd display of lascivious behaviour these two sexed-up matures enjoy, as they are simultaneously fucked in their fully-fashioned stockings by these machine powered dildos.

No men here, no strings attached or complicated emotions. Just the thrill and pleasure of pure lust, watching these two wanton ladies get their cunts filled and drilled by their splendid fucking machines.

How they love getting their thirsty cunts fucked by these thrusting cock machines, filling and stretching their holes and making them climax intensely in this classic Lady Sonia movie.

Watch Lady Sonia and Red taking their pleasure in ‘Double Machine Fuck’ and experience double the noise, double the excitement and double the fun in FULL close-up action!


Aug 082017

If you love seeing hot trophy wives in stockings and heels then Lady Sonia and her friend’s are ready to turn you on!

Lady Sonia’s mission is to help you cum, and she dresses both to tease and please in fully-fashioned nylon stockings, suspenders and heels for you to enjoy.

In this photo-set, Sonia looks like a proper lady in her smart outfit and pearls, but then she begins her striptease, slipping off her tight pencil skirt and letting it fall around her heels.

Sonia reveals she is wearing a splendid pair of fully-fashioned nylons and a black suspender belt. The straps of her suspenders pull taut against the tops of her stockings, as she stands and looks at herself in the mirror.

Sonia parts the lips of her cunt, which is perfectly framed by her garter-straps, her erect clitoris throbbing as she points a finger to the spot where she wants you to start licking her hot cunt…


Lady Sonia – Sexy Aunt In Glasses and Stockings Plays With Her Boobs and Pussy

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Aug 052017
Lady Sonia Sexy Aunt In Glasses and Stockings Plays With Her Boobs and Pussy

Lady Sonia – sexy aunt in glasses and stockings wants to show you her huge boobs and play with her pussy while you wank your cock

Lady Sonia in glasses flashes her pussy between her stocking thighs

Your aunt Sonia knows you’ve been fantasizing about her huge tits every time you come round to visit her house. She’s noticed you looking at her hard nipples poking through her tight sweater, or eyeing up her legs in those sexy seamed nylon stockings she wears, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

After all, she understands you are a horny young man who needs to have something to wank over, and that you’d love to have her whip out her boobs so you can ejaculate your hot sperm over your aunt’s huge fucking knockers!

So you feel a thrill of excitement when your aunt Sonia calls you on the phone and you hear her voice asking if you can come around to clear the leaves from the garden while your uncle is out for the afternoon. Adding that she will reward you in a special way if you do a good job….

Lady Sonia in glasses palys with her huge naked tits and rolls the nipples between her fingersPerhaps she has something in mind besides the gardening?

Now your mind is racing as you prepare to visit your aunt and you can’t help but think of those huge titties of hers bouncing up and down inside her sweater.

Maybe you should rub one out right now to relieve yourself of lustful thoughts before you hop along to her place and do a good job as requested.

Hopefully, you’ll have enough spunk left in your balls, should she decide to fulfill your fantasy and ask to cum over her huge naked boobs!

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Aug 022017

Big Boob nurse Danica gives a big tit massage and wanks off a patient until he cums in this classic Lady Sonia video

Danica Collins has now retired from the ‘porn business’, but often made many appearances on in Sonia’s videos which are still available in Sonia members area.

Danica featured in many masturbation scenes, often in suspenders and stockings, playing with her fabulous 34 ‘G’ boobs and thrusting a dildo up her hot pussy. She’d frequently performed stripteases, undressing down to her huge bras, skin tight panties, suspenders and fully-fashioned stockings. She’d lay on the  sofa, spread her stockinged legs, expose her gorgeous ebony pussy and finger her juicy cunt to climax in many a scene.

Various scenes feature Danica getting fucked by one of Sonia’s fucking machines, such as in ‘Danica Collins Drilled’, or riding a Sybian and making herself cum multiple times. Other scenes feature her in dominant mode, giving teasing hand wanks and big tit massages to guys who are tied-up and at her mercy.

Danica appeared with Sonia in several videos such as ‘Sonia And Danica Cock Massage’, where they dressed as a couple of huge titted nurses and gave their patient a big tit massage. Imagine having two very lusty ladies sucking you off and rubbing their oiled up boobs over your huge erection! Well, this guy got the full-treatment and managed to hold back from cumming until he could no longer hold his sperm and shot a huge wad over Danica’s tits!

Danica is a legend and if you are a fan of stocking clad English ladies with voluptuous titties, then check out her videos in Lady Sonia’s Classic Collection.

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Jul 302017

Lady Sonia Nurse Fucking In Stockings and Suspenders

Lady Sonia takes advantage of her well endowed black patient and gets him to fuck her as she ride him on top in – ‘Stretching Her Like Her Husband Never Could’.

It may be unprofessional and unethical, but what must a married nurse to do if she finds a real prize specimen of a penis just begging to be wanked and sucked!

Nurse Sonia soon finds out when she is presented with a muscular black patient, who has a massive cock more than twice the size of her husband’s.

Sonia can’t resist touching it to see how big this stud’s monster 11 inch cock feels in her hand. After all it would be a shame to waste the opportunity to play with it, and if the patient doesn’t mind, well…

Feeling incredibly aroused at the size of this guy’s penis, Nurse Sonia grips her patient’s throbbing member, and bending forward she starts sucking on his monster cock.

Grasping his pulsing rod firmly in her hand, she slurps on his massive tool, uttering sounds of pleasure as the thick cock-head completely fills her mouth with man meat.

Sucking his huge prick is one thing, but Nurse Sonia can’t resit climbing up onto the powerful bull stud’s huge erection and sitting astride him in her stockings and suspenders.

Lowering herself down on her patient’s erection, Sonia feels the bloated tip of his massive cock stretching her wide as it pushes its way slowly into her gaping cunt.

The stud’s massive 11 inch cock fills Sonia’s tight cunt, stretching her wider than ever before, and she rides him to reach the type of earth shattering orgasm that her husband could never ever give her!

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Jul 272017

Lady Sonia seduced the builder and let him fuck her from behind in her suspenders and stockings in this classic cuckoldrix video

Lady Sonia had been watching her husband’s muscular young builder mowing the lawns in the grounds of her mansion one fine sunny day.

Just looking at his powerful shirtless body made Sonia desperate to feel his huge thick nine inch cock stretch its way into her tight pussy and pound her to complete exhaustion.

Sonia decided to make her move and wearing stockings and suspenders with tight leggings over the top, she went out into the garden to chat up the muscular handyman who had just finished mowing the lawn.

Sonia made it clear she was available for sex, and noticed he was already hard as she rubbed the crotch of his jeans and opened the fly to release his erection. She soon had her mouth around his huge tool, tasting his salty cockhead as she bobbed her head and sucked him off right there on the sunny lawn in full view of anyone.

The thrill of being caught by her husband or one of the other employees in the grounds only made the moment all the more exciting. Sonia really couldn’t care less, as she just wanted the muscular builder to fuck her as hard with his huge cock while her husband was inside the house waiting…

Will Sonia’s husband or one of his other employees see her sucking the young builder’s massive cock? Will her husband Charles hear her orgasm as the young builder fucks her hard in the mansion grounds where everyone can see?

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Jul 242017

Unfaithful wife Lady Sonia rides the young photographer’s cock and gets fucked in her stockings in this classic hardcore video

Lady Sonia invites a handsome younger guy to her studio where he takes photos of her as she poses in her nylons, garterbelt and heels. With her tits fully exposed and hanging out of the top of her blouse, Sonia poses for the young man according to his wishes, giving him the best views of her legs, boobs and pussy.

Of course Sonia’s motive in inviting him to her studio is to seduce him, and once he has enough shots, Sonia gets on her knees, undoes his fly, takes out his erect cock and sucks him off. But it does not stop there..

Sonia gets him to fuck her from behind as she leans over her glass topped desk. He grabs her arse and stocking clad thighs as he pumps his stiff cock into Lady Sonia giving her a rough shafting.

Sonia sucks him off as he reclines in the chair, before straddling his thighs and bouncing up and down on his thick erection. The webbing of Sonia’s garterbelt tugs and pulls at her stocking tops with each movement as she rides her virile young stallion.

Sonia bends over the chair and once again the horny guy fucks her from behind, grabbing her ass and thrusting his stiff rod up Lady Sonia’s tight, wet cunt.

Finally, the photographer pulls out his cock and Sonia gets on her knees, sucking and wanking his shaft. Sonia’s expert mouth brings him to the point of orgasm, and unable to hold back his semen, he shoots a load of sticky cum over her face, which she receives with pleasure.

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Jul 212017
Lady Sonia Trophy Wife In Suspenders and Stockings Fucked By Black Cock Video

Trophy wife Lady Sonia gets fucked by a black guy with a huge cock in her suspenders and stockings in this video

Lady Sonia answers her front door and is surprised to see one of her black studs on the doorstep.

The guy pushes his way into Sonia’s house and walks into the kitchen where her forcefully kisses her, grabbing at her tits and putting his hand up her skirt to feel her pussy.

Sonia is shocked by his forwardness, yet she is clearly turned on as her tits are swollen and the nipples stand out hard under her tight top.

The black stud has some photos of Sonia that show her fucking a young guy in the very same kitchen. He makes it clear that he wants to do the same to Sonia right there and then with his huge black cock.

Sonia explains that her husband is on his way home from the golf course and could arrive at any minute!

The black stud really doesn’t care about that and demands that Sonia take him upstairs so that he can fuck her on her husband’s bed!

As soon as they in the bedroom the black guy wastes no time stripping Sonia out of her clothes, and leaving her just in seamed stockings and suspenders.

Then he feeds Sonia his MASSIVE ELEVEN INCH COCK and she uses her mouth to make him even harder in preparation for him to ride her very hard and deep.

Sonia submits to the cock and lets the black stud take what he wants before her husband’s car pulls up into the driveway…

Watch as Sonia rides this stallion in her stockings and lets him pound his 11 inch cock into her eager pussy in ‘White Trophy Wife – Huge Black Cock’.

Jul 162017

In ‘With Charles Away – Sonia Can Play’ her ladyship takes the opportunity to have some fun with her favorite black stud, the one with the 11 inch cock! Sonia is dressed for sex in her nylon stockings and wastes no time in getting her mouth around that big black truncheon, making liquid sounds as she sucks on that bulging cockhead.

Lady Sonia sits astride her black lover’s face 69 style, and sucks and wanks his enormous prick, sliding her tongue up and down the shaft. Meanwhile she gets good cunnilingus from her black lover as he flicks his tongue over the hard nub of her clitoris, licking around the folds of her vagina tasting her cunt cream.

Lady Sonia then sits astride her ebony lover’s cock and allows his black pole to slip up her cunt. She can only get about three quarters of it in, it’s so big. Sonia’s lovely round ass moons up and down as she rides her black stallion in her seamed nylons and heels, her cunt juices running thick and white down his ebony shaft.

Lying back on the couch with her seamed stockinged legs close together and pressed against his chest, Lady Sonia’s big black loverman plunges his enormous tool deep in her quivering cunt and makes her gasp with pleasure.

Lady Sonia finishes her man off by wanking his stiff rod and using her tongue, making his cum ooze out of his pee hole, then cleaning up his cock cream with her eager mouth.

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Jul 132017

Lady Sonia masturbates in her stockings during an obscene phone call with a stranger in this video- ‘Lady Sonia Slutwife Phone Sex’

Like a lot of married women I get bored at home alone when my husband is out at the office. So when the phone rings and the stranger on the other end starts telling me EXACTLY what he would like to do with me, I take the chance to have a little fun and help him out with his rather personal “obscene” little fantasy – Sonia

Lady Sonia has no idea who the perverted caller is on her phone… He says that he is a friend of her husband and that he has been lusting over Sonia’s 34 “F” cup tits and for a long time.

The mysterious caller with the dirty mind tells Sonia exactly what he would like to do with her, and she is bit shocked at first to hear this stranger talking so explicitly. However, Sonia finds herself strangely aroused and compelled by his lascivious language, and she has no choice but to listen to his filthy and obscene suggestions…

Spreading her stockinged legs wide, Sonia lays back and listens to him talking dirty as she masturbates in her stockings and garter-belt.

Her swollen clitoris throbs as he tells Sonia that he wants her to suck on his big hard cock, then how he wants to fuck her hard and fill her cunt with his cum, before sending her back to her husband after he has finished using her!

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