Lady Sonia’s Stockinged Legs ‘Spread Wide And Stretched’

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Dec 032016
Just looking at this huge fuchsia dildo is enough to make a married lady tremble with anticipation…

So smooth to the touch, but such an incredible stretch as the “Fucking Machine” goes to work pounding the smooth dildo in and out of Lady Sonia’s tight pussy.

Laying with her stockinged and suspendered legs open, the ‘Fucking Machine’ pumps and stretches Sonia’s cunt harder than she has ever been stretched before!

Sonia’s husband is out so she has  plenty of time to give herself to the ‘Fucking Machine’ in several different positions.

After she has cum several times, Lady Sonia climbs up onto the Sybian to enjoy the ULTIMATE orgasm… The type of earth shattering orgasm that her husband could NEVER EVER give his wife!

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Sandie Caine Rides In Stockings In ‘Sandie Enjoys The Pantie Slave

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Nov 302016

Lady Sonia and Sandie Caine tie up a male sex slave to the bench so they can use him for their own pleasure.

While Sandie teases his big cock to full erection, Lady Sonia walks slowly around the bed in her fully-fashioned seamed stockings and spiked heels, waiting for her turn to play with him…

Sandie sucks on the slave’s cock, making lascivious suction sounds as she enjoys filling her greedy mouth with his man meat.

Then as Lady Sonia strokes his HUGE throbbing cock Sandie slips out of her panties and climbs up onto the bed so that she can ride the helpless young sex slaves tongue.

Sandie sits astride the slave’s head with her seamed stockinged legs either side and she rubs her cunt over his face, enjoying the sensation of his tongue as it licks and reams her wet sex hole.

She experiences a VERY hard and strong orgasm, before moving down to sit astride his MASSIVE erection so that she can ride him for her pleasure…

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Nov 272016
Lady Sonia Fucked In Girdle & Stockings In 'Cuckoldress Stretched Deep'

Lady Sonia Fucked In Girdle & Stockings In ‘Cuckoldress Stretched Deep’

Lady Sonia gets fucked in her girdle and stockings by one of her favorite black studs in ‘Cuckoldress Stretched Deep’.

Lady Sonia enjoys riding big cocks, especially big black cocks, so she arranged to meet with one of her favorite black studs while her husband was out.

Sonia dressed for the encounter in a white girdle, nylon stockings and high-heels, and wasted no time in getting her mouth around that big black truncheon.

Lady Sonia sucks and wanks her black lover’s enormous prick, sliding her tongue up and down the shaft.  Then she positions herself, sitting astride his thighs, and allows his black pole to penetrate her cunt.

Her lover firmly grasps her arse cheeks, and pulls them apart as he sinks his shaft into her gaping, hot cunt, so eager for his sex.

She can only get about three quarters of his prick inside her, it’s so big, and as she rides it her stud nibbles and bites her tits.

Sonia’s lovely round ass, moons up and down as she rides her virile black stallion in her girdle, seamed nylons and heels.

They change position with Sonia lying on her side, and her big black lover-man takes her from behind, plunging his enormous tool deep in her quivering cunt.

Then she is flipped over onto her back and he buries his enormous hard prick deep in her cunt, giving her a real good pussy pounding with his huge erection.

Lady Sonia finishes her man off by wanking his stiff rod, letting him cum in her mouth, then cleaning up his cock cream with her lascivious tongue.

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Mia Bailey Used For Pleasure in ‘Tied and Forced To Cum!’

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Nov 242016
Mai Bailey received a lot of fan mail and feedback due to her last video, where she was restrained and forced to cum in her ripped stockings.

Lady Sonia asked her to return last week and shot a rather special video just for those members who are connoisseurs of REAL forced female orgasms…

First of all Mai is gagged and strapped to a cross so that Sonia can torment her big nipples and hyper sensitive clitoris, using a vibrator to tease her pussy through her panties.

Then while she is tied with her long legs WIDE open on the sofa, Sonia forces her to look into the camera as she fingers her roughly and gets to work upon her tits and clitoris with her high powered vibrator…

Watch as Lady Sonia force this submissive slut to cum for you, knowing you are watching EVERYTHING that happens in ‘Tied and Forced To Cum!’.

Nov 212016

If you are one of Lady Sonia’s devoted admirers then you must check out her ‘Classic Library’, to which has recently been added a lot of rare vintage Lady Sonia videos, like the one above titled ‘My Big Nipples’.

Yes, that’s our Lady Sonia in her 20’s, when she’s just started out making her first movies. Here’s what she says about ‘My Big Nipples’. Quote,

‘As you can see from this video shot just after I bought a new video camera (Sony 8 back then). I was a very early developer and loved to show off my nipples, even back then… I have always had VERY big nipples and they have always managed to display themselves through just about everything that I wear… But as I have always been a HUGE exhibitionist, I enjoyed the attention and dressed to make sure that that my nipples were always on show…’

‘My Big Nipples’ is classic early Lady Sonia, where we see her clad in fetish pvc corset, suspenders, stockings and heels, playing with her riding crop and showing off her titties to the camera. ‘My Big Nipples’ is tame by comparison to the harder movies Lady Sonia produces today, of course, but I’m sure will be of interest to ardent admirers of her ladyship, or to those who are just curious to see how she started out.

However, there are more treasures to discover in Lady Sonia’s Classic Library if you are looking for something a bit harder. Much more in fact…

No doubt, you’ll be pleased to find videos from Lady Sonia’s Dominatrix period, featuring Sonia and her fetish lady friends, dressed in stockings, latex, boots, heels, while dominating bound guys and milking their cocks. This is totally classic Lady Sonia footage, which I thought we had seen the last of as I understood. But Lady Sonia must have been going through her vaults and decided to re-release them once again for you to enjoy.

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Nov 182016

In ‘Oiled & Teased In Bondage’ Sonia has found a peeping tom spying on her, so she has him in her studio lying naked, hooded, cuffed and tied to her bench, wrapped in cling film.

Sonia opens her long white fur coat to reveal she is wearing a waist cinching corset, stockings and thigh high boots. Sonia’s exposed tits look huge as they spill over the top of her corset, with a string of peals dangling between her fleshy mounds.

Using liberal amounts of oil, Sonia wanks her pervert friends’ cock with her hands covered in leather gloves. Her gloved thumb and finger form a perfectly tight ‘o’ as she masturbates the supine, bound and masked guy now in her control. She flicks his erection with her gloved finger, then reaches under the tight clingfilm to squeeze his balls as she continues to wank his cock.

The sound of oil and leather rub together as she wanks the hard curve of his erect shaft with hard and fast strokes.

Removing her gloves, Sonia jerks his prick with her oiled fist and the liquid sound it makes literally echoes around the room. She teases him, alternating between bringing him to the point of orgasm and stopping as he nears his orgasm. It’s a long, slow build up, which ends with Sonia using both of her hands to milk his cock, causing jets of hot sperm to shoot out and splash land on the clingfilm covering his torso.

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Nov 152016



There are reasons as to why Lady Sonia has a clear glass topped desk in her office. One of those reasons is so that you can watch her masturbate as she looks at you wanking your cock. Assuming that is, you have been invited into her office like this lucky young man in ‘Fingered At My Desk’, who was given the privilege of meeting her ladyship for some sexy fun one afternoon.

Lady Sonia is always looking for studs who will satisfy her needs and appear in her videos, so this chap was invited along to see if he would measure up. Sonia wanted to test his reaction and see how he would respond to the lascivious display she had in mind and made him undress and sit naked opposite her.

Sitting at her desk in a sexy black top, short tartan skirt, stockings and garters, Sonia opened her legs and started masturbating right there in front of the guy. Sure enough the guy got a hardon and began wanking as he watched Lady Sonia finger her cunt from behind her glass topped desk.

She invited him over to feel her breasts and he cupped his hands around her fleshy mounds, squeezing them together while she wanked his erect cock with one hand. Then she stood and bent over, wrapping her mouth around his stiff tool, sucking his nob end while he felt up her suspendered arse and slipped a finger up her moist slit.

Lady Sonia then sat back in her seat and got him to finger her cunt properly and let him stick his fingers right up her sex so he could twist them around and bring her off!

Being satisfied with the guy’s performance, she then took his cock in her hand and tugging his shaft, milked his sticky cum onto her tits.

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Nov 122016

In ‘Trophy Wife Used Hard And Sprayed With Cum,  Sonia begins by telling us, ‘Most married ladies enjoy a little rough sex occasionally. Something a little out of the ordinary, something they can’t get at home.’

Sonia’s need for a damn good fucking was urgent – she required a guy who would penetrate her deeply with his long prick, then fuck her relentlessly with it and use her any way that he wanted. So she arranged to meet up with one of her regular muscular studs for an evening of dirty sex.

She dressed for the occasion in a seductive black halter top, finest ff-nylons, multi-strap garters and 6 inch stiletto heels. Her muscular stud wore a rubber hood that looked sinister, and latex briefs with a hole in the front, through which his throbbing member stuck out proud and erect.

Sonia took pleasure in giving him oral, enjoying every inch of his man meat, before they moved to the leather couch where he started fucking her hard. With his hands wrapped around her pvc garter belt he grabbed her waist, slamming his prick into Sonia, making her moan and gasp under the forceful motion of his groin. Her tits bounced inside her halter top as he rode her hard and gave Sonia the kind of rough fucking she needed, which ended with her face being wanked over and splattered with his thick, white cum.

‘Trophy Wife Used Hard And Sprayed With Cum ‘ is another great penetration movie with lots of fucking and close ups on Sonia’s stocking tops and garters as she’s getting screwed. See the trailer for this and her other many other erotic fetish movies at Lady Sonia.

Nov 092016

Watch Lady Sonia riding this studs huge erection and getting her tits covered in cum in ‘Fucking My Husband’s Friend’

Lady Sonia’s husband Charles is often way on business or playing golf, which gives her ample opportunity to cheat on her husband!

Her husband recently brought over a handsome new colleague to their dinner party for company members. The guy looked to be in his early thirties, dressed smartly, well built and virile, so she naturally she got his number before he left the party.

The other day, while Charles was down on the golf course, she invited the handsome stud over to the mansion for an afternoon of hot sex.

Sonia always found wearing stockings on these occasions very arousing, as well as practical, as she loved to wrap her legs around a guy while he thrust his member deep inside her hot cunt. So for the occasion she wore a light blouse, multi-strap, garter-belt with metal clasps attached to black, fully-fashioned nylon stockings, and sexy stiletto heels.

Sonia sat astride her naked stud in her nylons, opened her blouse and dangled her huge tits in his face and his teeth and lips bit on her hard nipples. She slurped on his huge erection, making liquid sounds as she rolled the meaty cockhead around her wet mouth.  She brushed the tip of his stiff cock over her erect nipples, and sandwiched his erection between her cleavage, feeling the shaft pulsing as he fucked the flesh of her ample breasts.

Sonia got on her knees and the stud fucked her from behind, making her gasp with pleasure as his throbbing cock filled her cunt. She finished by laying down and watching him wank his cock and ejaculate his delicious cum load onto her fabulous boobs and hard nipples.

Watch Lady Sonia riding this studs huge erection and getting her tits covered in cum in  ‘Fucking My Husband’s Friend’

Nov 062016

Lady Sonia is bound with rope in her corselette and stockings, then made the sexual plaything of a handsome guy she has invited to her house in.

Lady Sonia’s husband Charles was away on business in Singapore for a few days, so Lady Sonia invited a young handsome stud to call round for some kinky fun.

The guy had written to Lady Sonia as he was desperate to have his first ever fun with an older married lady. She called him on the phone on the off chance and fortunately he was available to come and meet her that afternoon.

Lady Sonia discovers that the guy likes a bit of kinky sex and finds herself tied to the bed with rope and handcuffs, while the young man runs his hands over her body and plays with her tits. Then, trussed up tightly with rope, her hands bound behind her back, she is made to suck his cock and alows her mouth to be used for his pleasure.

After being released, he takes Lady Sonia from behind and gives her a rough fucking, making her orgasm hard with the intense pleasure of his thrusting cock.

To finish off, Lady Sonia sandwiches his cock between her fleshy mounds and he fucks her tits until he shoots his thick cum onto her chin, neck and chest, which she then rubs over her bullet hard nipples.

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